About Us

Diteq Tools (M) Sdn Bhd is founded in 2007 and currently has grown to one of the leaders in diamond tools industry in Malaysia, equipped with the most complete range of products to fulfill users’ requirement and increase their standard and professionalism in their work.  

The brand “Coolman” is formed with only one goal and vision – producing the finest and most exquisite diamond tools products. Coolman products are certified by MPA and oSa (The Organization for the Safety of Abrasives) from Germany, to boost the confidence of users towards Coolman.

With more than a decade’s experience and knowledge in the diamond tools industry, Coolman continuously offers new products to boost work productivity. In terms of technology achievements, Coolman is the first brand to introduce Dual Bond System (DBS), Proper Diamond Arrangement (PDA), Vacuum Brazed Technology (VB-Tech), Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) and many more.

All these technologies are served to improve on the efficiency and quality of work, at the same time reducing the cost at the long run.

The biggest breakthrough of Coolman is in 2012, where Coolman Concept Stores start appearing at different places in Malaysia.

Coolman Concept Stores are committed in educating the public in helping the users in selecting the right blade for the right job. It has also successfully increased the awareness of Coolman brand to the market. Coolman will continue to grow internationally to become a worldwide main solution provider for diamond tools.

Our Products & Services

* Building Contractors

* Building Materials

* Civil Engineering Contractors

* Concrete

* Concrete Breaking

* Construction Equipment

* Construction Materials

* Construction supplies

* Cutting Tools

* Demolition

* Diamond Blade For Asphalt

* Diamond Blade For Concrete


* Diamond Blade For Asphalt * Diamond Blade For Concrete * Diamond Core Bite* Diamond Core Machines * Diamond Grinding Wheel * Diamond Tools * Diamond Wire * Earthworks * Granite * Hardware * housing construction * Machining Parts & Accessories * Marble * Masonry * Pile Cutting * Piling Contractor


• Piling Equipment • Plumbing • Polishing • Road Building • Road Building Contractors • Road Building Equipment • Road Cutting • Sawing Equipment • Stone • Tiles • Wall Sawing